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  Introducing the
Solar Super Capacitor (SSC) 

   It makes and stores electricity from night-day temperature

  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Clean energy

Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Renewable
  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Nontoxic  It is primarily ceramic.

  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg No moving parts
  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Invisible when buried in roads, roofs or walls
   Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Already demonstrated at small-scale    ------- See videos ------->
  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Actively cools its environment (roads, roofs or walls)

  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg SSC development benefits 3 different multi-billion dollar markets
  Check_Mark_Orange_Bkgnd.jpg Lasts 50 years or longer 

   The following
energy sources are contrasted in this table:
    Demo videos of
 small-scale SSCs
     Video 1
powers ten "room lights" (Start here)
     Video 2 powers a small motor
     Video 3 powers a "MP3" player
     Video 4 demos SSC buried in asphalt "roads"

    Video-1.jpg   Video-2.jpg
     Video-3.jpg   Video-4.jpg

Video 1 is explained here.


SSC Physics Principle
Not photovoltaic. Not thermocouple. Not Peltier. 
Rather, a "stored-thermoelectric" principle:  
                        Sample Installations
                                    Highways, Streets, Roofs, Walls,
                                    Parking lots, Deserts, Lakes, etc.

           Circuit Diagram 1

                            Learn more about how SSC works

How SSC Scales-Up
Whereas, the videos show small-scale versions
of SSC (low voltage and low capacitance), 
production-scale versions are estimated* below:

            SSC Production Costs  
                 These depend heavily on several factors:
Energy_vs._Road_Length2                      Capacitor technology

                            Scale of manufacturing

                             Market maturity


Remember, SCC performs electricity generation and storage.

 © 2008, 2009 Insight Quest, Inc. (current sponsor of GigaWattAve)    
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